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Employees facing sexual harassment and other forms of mistreatment can file their complaint using the B4WEDO platform. This system provides the transparency and accountability ensuring that every complaint is objectively investigated. We've got you covered.  Once the complaint is submitted the Human Resources Department will schedule a face to face meeting with the employee to discuss the mistreatment.  



Human Resources will now have a systemic method for managing complaints and investigations. Human Resources will have the ability to check the status of all complaints and investigations.  In addition, with a few swipes and a couple of clicks managers would be able to reassign investigations to staff members using their smart phone.  The entire complaint and investigation process is conveniently documented in one digital system.  



Executives will now be able to mitigate their exposure of costly lawsuits by monitoring and tracking the human resource compliant and investigation process ensuring compliance with state and federal laws.   Think of B4WEDO as an insurance policy giving the C-Suite the ability to make data informed decisions shielding the company from unwanted behavior and nonstandardized investigation practices. 

Artificial Intelligence Investigations

Some investigations take weeks or even months to draw conclusions based on employee interviews.  Often times investigations are conducted using objective methods but the results tend to be very subjective.   

When there's no evidence nor witnesses there are very few options to determine the facts in the most objective way.  Employees who face harassment, discrimination or even bullying are often faced with the stigma of initiating a formal complaint.  

Our AI investigations delivers objective results giving the HR professional insight to make timely informed decisions.  

When faced with a lawsuit or a settlement  decision you'll have the confidence with your outcome.


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